Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Must Love Dogs / Buying in Bulk

I'm going to see Must Love Dogs tonight and am questioning if it will be a waste of money. I'm cheap. I cut corners wherever possible. I'll risk my safety if it means I can get a good deal. Case and point? Movies are so fucking expensive now-a-days..$8.00 bucks for 1 movie...I normally don't go to movies, I just wait until someone I know buys or rents it on video then force them to let me borrow it. I'm only going tonight b.c. I haven't seen my friend Lindsay (HI LINDSAY!) in way too long. My sources are telling me that its pretty good. That's right people, I have sources.

I figure the reason I'm so cheap is a deep phsycological problem that has something to do with the fact that my mom only buys in bulk. She's been doing it since I was like 6. And she doesn't just buy a few things in bulk, it's everything. From frozen chicken in a 20 lb bag, to soy sauce in a tin gas can, to the 'family pack' of deodorant. We may not need 72 boxes of tampons, but hell in the long run it's probably a better deal and makes for great conversation with house guests. My mom: 'welcome to the house, toilet paper, feminine products and tissues are in the shed out back...help yourself".

What am I talking about, we never have house guests...