Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Green Apple

My mom recently made an awful dish soap purchase at Sam's Club. She got Green Apple scented dish soap. What the FUCK? It's one thing to make candy and drinks 'green apple' flavor...but scented? What purpose does that serve except while scrubbing crusted shit-like nastiness off pots and pans to be slapped in the face with a sour/weed stench. Or maybe it is actually flavored and some numb-nut executive at the soap place thought that with all the small children getting into household cleaners it was about time to at least have the hazardous products taste good. Nobody likes the taste of flowers or cleanliness in their mouths... New advertisement...'Green Apple dishsoap, cuts through the strongest grease but now tastes like a refreshing jolly rancher".
And we've seriously got an 15 lb bottle of it. So it's sticking around for a while.