Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Insomnia Help

It's 5am in the Mornin' and I can't fucking sleep. (wow do I sound midwestern) I was awoken by my mother who has already left for the ol' job. Listen to me I sound like a hillbilly with no front teeth. I could never have a job that expected me to arrive by anytime earlier than 8...8:30am.

It's like the chicken pox. You get them once and then never again. Same goes for my inability to wake up for a job or school at 5 or 6am in the morning. My senior year of high school I worked the deli at a gas station from 4:45am - 7:30am then went to school.

After that experience I concluded that working before 8am is pointless, and there is no need in the world for it. I dub "Don't Condemn Work Before 8am!!!" for my protest sign.

These things are all reasons why I will probably end up on unemployment at some point in my life. Knock on wood.