Saturday, December 24, 2005

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day. Have fun and be safe! Open lots of gifts, eat lots of food, and spend time with loved ones! (Hopefully Santa brought you all what you wanted...)
I still have a gift for you guys, and I really hope I can post it by Christmas, but I kind of get the feeling that many of you won't post again until after Sunday, so You may just get it late anyways. I took a really crappy picture of it with my camera, but to the shittiness of its quality, I'd rather give it out late so that it looks 150% better.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Merry Christmas, Maybe...

Okay so I have a gift to the people I blog daily with, I'm just having issues with trying to get it onto my computer. My camera is a piece of shit that won't pick up the right lighting, yet I don't have an available scanner which would make my life 300% better.

I'll figure out something as I wouldn't want santa to show up to your blog late....hehehe

Sunday, December 18, 2005

2 days later and I'm still in shock. I'm fine, nothing but a bump on the head...maybe a bit more emotionally but such is life I guess. I don't mean for this to come off wrong, but please say a prayer or cross your fingers for me that they don't come after me with injuries that will jack my insurance up any higher than it already is! My mom and I already have enough bills to pay, so raised car insurance will really ruin the holiday spirit in this house... I'm pretty lucky in that I hit an Isuzu Rodeo that had the spare tire on the back of it, and that's what did so much damage to my car, but from the naked eye, I could NOT find one inch of damage on her car. The only thing I could think of is under the tire cover...Blah!
Thanks you guys for your concern, it means the world to me!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Car accident. Mercury Lynx. front end smooshed. police. ticket. bruise on head. bruise on my driving ego.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I hate HTML! It WILL be the death of me! I need some questions answered. If you have the answer to any of them, please be a sweet dear and lend me a helping comment. I'm too tired to offer sexual advances...BUT, I can give you a rousing rendition of M.J.'s "Thriller"! I know, I know, I'm too generous, but it's just in my nature!
1. How do I get the names on my list of blogs off to the right not to break into 2 lines? I just want one long link name.
ex. If I wanted to put "Fritz is the shittzle", how would I code it in my template so that it doesn't come out looking like this:
Fritz is
the shittzle
2. How do I go about putting in my own title banner? It's too empty up top and I want to put something up there, BUT HOW?
Those are the only 2 I can think of for now.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Random Thoughts For Your Sunday Morning
-John A. Gentleman's is a mortuary service here in Omaha...a few years ago they bought a semi-new building in West Omaha to have as their second location. Key word is 'semi-new'...Prior to the mortuary the building was home to an upscale restaurant names "Sydney's". They had the best pasta dish called "Piedmont Portabello"...I really hope that building doesn't turn into the home of a future restaurant anytime soon...cuz that would be yucky!
-I hate people that use the head phone method as their cell phone. Do you think they realize that onlookers just think they're crazy because
they're talking to themselves?
-Trial and error just doesn't work for some people. I slammed my finger in the damn register a world record breaking 4 times tonight! And worse, not once did I see it commin'! OUCH!
-To the 49 customers that jokingly pointed this out yesterday...Windshield washer fluid is not gatorade, people...I know it looks thirst quenching, but I guarentee you, it will not 'fill you up'.
-One of these days I'm gonna stop making small talk with these fools...I'll just let them think of it as gatorade. So when a small child hears them they snatch one and chug it like beer (beer that's goin' out of style..) let my statement be heard now that I had no part in it!
-It scares me when cops refer to pulling over intoxicated drivers as "hunting for some drunks".
-For the last time Oscar, dirt is not a treat to be eaten!
I don't think there's anymore random thoughts in my head for now....boooo!
I'll be back later!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Okay, I got the camera action out of me...for now. My somewhat estranged father lent it to me, but I shall give it back to him as I am a good person and would not hold a camera hostage until he pony's up all the things from the past that he owes me and my family...Plus the batteries are about dead, and I don't want to buy new ones. (hehehe) It was a piece of shit camera anyway...if I can be quite so honest with you all. When a camera costs you only 69.95, aim very very low on your expectations, otherwise you WILL be disappointed.
I am quite baffled and shocked at the mysterious bug that is plaguing many of my fellow bloggers. I know, I know, alot of it is because of the holidays around the corner and not everyone is such a profound loser as I am and actually have a life that needs to be tended to. Go to it with the holiday stuff, I'm actually very jealous because we're not doing very much this year, so I'm pretty calm and collected at this point. I am going to make cookies for work next week, so that should get me into the holiday mood...assuming postage is not jaw-droppingly high, I am willing to send a couple yummy cookies your way if you let me know.
Though something seems to be getting to so people I cherish. To those of you going thru rough times, I say this to you:
You guys keep me sane, getting the crap out of my brain and onto this blog only solves half of the problem. The other half is having what few amazing bloggers that visit this site give me the true advice, support and criticism that I so desperately need. Please don't leave me all to my lonesome!
Now is this the face of a happy camper? I DIDN'T THINK SO! If for nothing else, stay so that I never have to make this face again.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Photo Wednesday
Hello, and welcome to Wednesday night. I don't feel like talking so I thought I'd let the pictures I took with my borrowed camera speak to you instead.
I'll be back tomorrow with Random Thoughts and other rather interesting highlights. In the words of BOBI and everyone else that says it...Huggles!
Okay, so the last couple of days here in Nebraska have been sooooooo cold, that the snot in my nasal cavities are frozen! The picture to the left is the street outside of my house and the other is a picture of The Old Market in downtown Omaha.
To the left we have me enjoying the flame and to the right we have Mrs. Seriousness striking a pose...what a bitch she is indeed!
Sokol Auditorium and a misc. picture.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Thank You
Thanks for your kind words of advice from my last post. I'm feeling alot better, and am doing what is best for myself. I'll post about it later as I'm in a happy mood, and I don't want to dampen the moment!
I present to you, straight from 45 minutes of doing nothing....ME!

Isn't this a lovely one to start off with?

That's a nice one. CHEESE!

Sideways with a nice shot of our...ab do'er as make shift furniture...again, classy is my middle name!

Below: Yes, I'm nibbling on my isn't it?

Me giving a horrible 'sexy' look!

This is the crazy beast that has my mom wrapped around his tiny paw...Don't be fooled by the cuteness...he's brutal!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Be Still.
Well today has been a day of sorts. I'm not even quite sure where to begin or if I even want to begin. Perhaps since I can't really participate in Half Nekkid Thursday I'll bare a different kind of skin.
I used to pride myself on the fact that I knew my troubled father better than anyone else...even himself. I guess you could have called me a daddy's girl back in the day. There are many facets to my many that I just can't type it all out. But to put it lightly, he's irresponsible and lazy. He is morbidly obese and has been so for many years. I have repeatedly tried to help him in his weight-loss efforts, but always failed. I've been there for him through thick and thin because that is what our relationship has always been. I've been there for him financially (many times), I've nursed him back to stable health during bad health conditions (I've seen more infectious disease on one body than I've ever wanted to), and most importantly I've been there for him emotionally and for moral support. Why would I do all of that for a grown man that should be able to fend for himself? I ask myself that very question every day and I come up with the same answer...because he's my dad and if he can't take care of himself than someone must, and that's me because I love him.
My father is very ignorant when it comes to his health. His max weight has been 500 lbs. He has to walk with a cane becuase the weight has caused a severe curvature in his spine and also a hairline fracture which result in him being hunched foreward. He is 51 years old and can't sleep at night because of the pain in his joints (specifically his hips). He won't admit to the fact that it is a result of his weight. He is a very stubborn man. He has been in the hospital for all of the following; blood poisoning, deep muscle staff infections in his leg, bleeding ulcer, heart murmer, sleep apnia...
Up until today I have not talked to my dad in almost 6 months. A rift tore our relationship apart and for a long time I didn't think it could ever be repaired. I was angry for that whole 6 months. I was angry because I could bare my soul to my father and did and it didn't get through to him that he needs to change his lifestyle. Change the lifestyle that will kill him. I was angry because I was tired of being the parent in our relationship and desperately wanted to act like a child for once. I was angry that I couldn't hate him because as stubborn as he is, I love him more than life itself.
Today my dad called me, and he couldn't say my name without breaking down into sobs. He told me that he is sick. He can't walk very much anymore. So bad that he can barely get in and out of his car. Whe he goes to the gym they have to bring him in with a wheelchair. The doctors think its some form of muscular dystrophy; a neuromuscular disorder that takes over your body. They haven't pin pointed exactly what it is, but they're fairly certain of it.
My dad is scared. He's scared that after 25 years of being morbidly obese that his chance to get his health in order has passed him by. For the first time he sees his health in the same light that I see it and everyone else that loves him, the light that sees death right around the corner. I'm scared for him..... and for myself. Is that selfish?
He wants our relationship back. He wants the one person that can see through his many tricks and lies back in his life to help him try to get healthy. He wants me to offer the one thing he lacks...will-power. A part of me is angry, angry at what he did that caused the rift, but another chunk of me can't turn down his plea for help. What if my cold shoulder is what kills him? What if I become his crutch once again and he still fails? What does that say?
Before our rift my biggest fear was losing him. Today my fear is that I'll lose him to anything and not have him know how much I love him or that despite any differences we have I'm still daddy's little girl at heart.
I know I'm over-reacting, but it's all I know how to do.