Sunday, December 04, 2005

Thank You
Thanks for your kind words of advice from my last post. I'm feeling alot better, and am doing what is best for myself. I'll post about it later as I'm in a happy mood, and I don't want to dampen the moment!
I present to you, straight from 45 minutes of doing nothing....ME!

Isn't this a lovely one to start off with?

That's a nice one. CHEESE!

Sideways with a nice shot of our...ab do'er as make shift furniture...again, classy is my middle name!

Below: Yes, I'm nibbling on my isn't it?

Me giving a horrible 'sexy' look!

This is the crazy beast that has my mom wrapped around his tiny paw...Don't be fooled by the cuteness...he's brutal!


Lydia said...

Oscar's lookin' a little rough... Where'd you get the digital camera...? Love ya!

FRITZ said...

Hey Pretty Lady!

Can we trade hair? That's just gorgeous! No, I'm not talking about the dog. I'm talkin' about you, Pretty Lady!


FRITZ said...

(Psst) I just got around to looking at your wish list. MAN! Good taste!
Zero 7, The Postal Service, FAMILY GUY, and PJ Harvey, James Blunt...good, good stuff.

I wish I had thousands to dump on you to get all of your favorites.

Crystal said...

You're so cute! You have great coloring too! My mom's hair is black like yours. I got my Dad's blonde hair.

Crystal said...

Oh, and the dog; how freakin adorable is he?!

Michaela said...

You guys are so sweet, but really, I'm a hag!

I love you guys!


Anonymous said...

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