Wednesday, February 22, 2006


DAMMIT! I had a plan people! The plan was to blog more often and mingle more in the blogosphere...So much for that! The lack of motivation in me is quite amazing, if there were an olympic sport for it, I'd be all over that shit! Sadly, the olympics are reserved for interesting if not edge-of-your-seat Curling!

Let's not focus on all the bad (because I don't want to and it's my blog so BAHAHA!).

Most recently I noticed that Old Navy is selling green leprochaun (sp?) hats and decided that it was absolutely necessary to buy one and wear it on the carride home. It was great! Who knew Old Navy would support the Leprochauns?!?!?!

I'm gonna leave for now, but may post again later tonight...then again I might make my next post in 17 days...Who knows? I can no longer make promises. I'm bad!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Recruiting New Bloggers!

So it snowed here in Omaha for the first time in about 3 months. I guess I'd be a sonofabitch to complain about it since I do *technically* live in the midwest and we *technically* get all 4 seasons (ie. replace the word 'technically' with the word 'fucking' and we're good to go!). Not to mention Punxatony Phil saw his shadow, so I guess if all else failed, I should have figured the snow would come sooner or later. I don't really buy into that Groundhogs Day crap, because as one of my coworkers so brilliantly puts it...It's a small furry animal predicting the weather for 2 months, so I wouldn't worry about it!

Got paid yesterday...and to celebrate I went and paid 4 bills! Woohoo!

Crystal made a comment over on her blog of amazingness a few days ago that really struck a cord with me, only because I'd been secretly thinking similar things...What the F is up with blogger(s)? Is it just me...and Crystal apparently or are people not around as often? Not as much commenting, not as much posting (I am guilty of this crime), and just overall lonesomeness to the blogging community. Now I mention this knowing full well that I am equally to blame, I've gotten overwhelmed with work lately and with school starting I can't help but put sleep above blogging. Normal people can handle a 45 hour/week job and school and life...then there's me, who can barely handle driving, let alone anything else without the stress meter in my left pocket exploding.

Random Thought For a Snowy Omaha Day:

*On my way home from work late Wednesday I noticed after about two minutes into it that I was driving alongside the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile! It was crazy! I started screaming at the top of my lungs and a single tear (might) have pierced the surface of my face...I reached for my camera, but couldn't get it to turn on, nearly driving into a bus stop. I didn't get a picture of it, so you'll never know if that was a real story or a bunch of rubbish....hehehehe

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Better Late Than Never

Okay so Beth tagged me a few days ago and I had completely forgotten about it until I noticed it over at Ms. Adventures... So here we go!

4 jobs i've had:
* A&W cashier
* Tuxedo rental shop
* Pier One product stocker
* Bridal Shop (for one whole friggin' day!)

4 places i've lived:
* Omaha, NE
* Omaha, NE
* Omaha, NE
*Omaha, NE

4 movies i could watch over and over:
* Zoolander
* garden state
* Dirty Dancing
* 10 Things I Hate About You

4 tv shows i watch (currently on air)
* lost
* Gilmore Girls
* Friends (DVD's BABY!)
* Law and Order (CI and/or SVU)

4 places i've been on vacation:
* South Dakota
* Kansas City
* Chicago, Il.
* Louisville, Ky

4 websites i visit daily:
* blogger

4 of my favorite foods:
* veitnamese
* soup
* hamburgers

4 places i'd rather be right now:
* at a spa getting my feet rubbed
* shopping with an unlimited credit card

4 bloggers i am tagging:

No More Hiatus

With the exception of a few teeny tiny posts, I've been absent for a few weeks now. Most of it is because of the rediculous amount of hours I've been pulling at my job which causes me to want to spend the majority of my little free time with my mom. I am hoping that with the bump in the road at my job out of the way, I'll have alittle more free time to spend doing things that I really want to buckle down and concentrate on. Those things include school, exercise, and blogging (in NO particular order, of course)!

Since I've noticed that a few good bloggers have borrowed the 'what should be trademarked' Random Thought, I feel that it is only necessary to reprise my role and bring you more...

Random Thoughts for your Saturday afternooon.

~It is never good when you start refering to your post-accident vehicle not as a car with a dent on it, but rather a dent with a car on it.

~My mom purchased some Wolfgang Puck knives this week, and OH MY Goodness are they worth every penny she put on "stretch pay". I'm sure if I tried, they'd cut through pop cans...I'm also sure that if I tried that, my mom would try to cut thru one of my fingers.

~My father just recently purchased a computer and discovered the phenomenon that is 'emailing'. Along with it he's found his inner gangsta dialect...He now sends me emails where he leaves the last one or two letters off of random words.

~My dog is on the verge of growling 'Momma'. It's quite impressive!

Some cool pictures I took with my camera: