Saturday, February 11, 2006

Recruiting New Bloggers!

So it snowed here in Omaha for the first time in about 3 months. I guess I'd be a sonofabitch to complain about it since I do *technically* live in the midwest and we *technically* get all 4 seasons (ie. replace the word 'technically' with the word 'fucking' and we're good to go!). Not to mention Punxatony Phil saw his shadow, so I guess if all else failed, I should have figured the snow would come sooner or later. I don't really buy into that Groundhogs Day crap, because as one of my coworkers so brilliantly puts it...It's a small furry animal predicting the weather for 2 months, so I wouldn't worry about it!

Got paid yesterday...and to celebrate I went and paid 4 bills! Woohoo!

Crystal made a comment over on her blog of amazingness a few days ago that really struck a cord with me, only because I'd been secretly thinking similar things...What the F is up with blogger(s)? Is it just me...and Crystal apparently or are people not around as often? Not as much commenting, not as much posting (I am guilty of this crime), and just overall lonesomeness to the blogging community. Now I mention this knowing full well that I am equally to blame, I've gotten overwhelmed with work lately and with school starting I can't help but put sleep above blogging. Normal people can handle a 45 hour/week job and school and life...then there's me, who can barely handle driving, let alone anything else without the stress meter in my left pocket exploding.

Random Thought For a Snowy Omaha Day:

*On my way home from work late Wednesday I noticed after about two minutes into it that I was driving alongside the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile! It was crazy! I started screaming at the top of my lungs and a single tear (might) have pierced the surface of my face...I reached for my camera, but couldn't get it to turn on, nearly driving into a bus stop. I didn't get a picture of it, so you'll never know if that was a real story or a bunch of rubbish....hehehehe


Crystal said...

LOL!! Oh my Michaela!
Your post just might have caused a single tear to pierce my face! But seriously, the Wiener mobile? How awesome is that?

I SO wanted to see some snow. But alas, none for us. :( NY gets 27 freaking inces and we can't even get one. Snow is awesome here! Everything shuts down and you don't have to go to work! I love it!

It's a small furry animal predicting the weather for 2 months Plus, he's got like, 27 million cameras in his face. I'd probably run back into my hole too!

Ms. Adventures said...

Michaela! Where are you!! ARE YOU THERE! WE MISS YOU!

FRITZ said...


It is true...bloggers are being absent of late. I think it's because blogging is cyclical, like cicadian rythyms. I hate that word. I never spell it correctly.

Anyway, your story about the HotDogBus sent me rollicking. I can just see you screaming at the top of your lungs about that...I'd be laughing so hard I would pee my pants. And then, if you were on Dodge street, you'd pee your pants and then hit a fucking pothole and THEN the weiner bus would like...swerve or something and you'd wind up impaled by the bun.

This is what happens when I don't blog for awhile.

Mass hysteria.

Anonymous said...