Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chaellyboo 3.0

Well I think I took a long enough hiatus. Alot has been happening in my life...some may not be all that interesting, but it's still news in my life. Unfortunately when I get down to blogging about it, I can't translate it to the keyboard. I swear I come to 3 maybe 4 times a week with every damn intention to blog, and I end up turning right back around and indulging in other dirty pleasures (ie. Pink is the New Blog).

Everytime I've tried then failed at this blog thing, I seriously contemplated deleting the whole fucking thing. The only thing was that I couldn't do it. I'm emotionally attached to this thing. It's been something that I've been able to be consistant with (minus the last 2 months...)and I can't say that about alot in my life.

So I'm giving it another go for it. I figure I have my work, my dog, the fact that I'm mad most of the time, and all the other shit in my life to keep this blog full of new and interesting posts. I'm hoping for more pictures and some more pazazz in my writing. I also fully understand that I'm gonna have to make the blog community rounds I've had serious issues with doing that as well. Please don't think I've forgotten about you guys. You're always my favorites!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Where the hell you been

What the fuck Michaela? Where have you been? Well I've been busy! Well not really... I do work alot, so that will be my excuse. I doubt that anyone has taken notice of my 2 month leave of absence, which I'm totally okay with. Nothing alittle voodoo can't fix.

So I'm at a friends house right now, so I can't really concentrate and make a real post, but I'm gonna leave you with some tips from a professional:

Watch: Thank You For Smoking

~This is my new favorite movie. Aaron Eckhart is just awesome in it. The first five minutes are what hooked me, but I guarentee it is a good one.

Read: Little Beauties

~ I acutally haven't finished it, but I love the concept. A woman with OCD, a pregnant teenager swearing to give her unborn child up for adoption, and the teenagers unborn fetus all narrate the book.

Listen: The mixed CD I just made!
1. The Only One by Evanescence
2. Nowhere Warm by Kate Havnevik
3. All I need by Mat Kearney
4. Quicksand by Sleeping at Last
5. Walking With A Ghost by Tegan and Sarah
6. Thrown It All Away by Brandi Carlile
7. Lullaby by Dixie Chicks
8. Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol
9. Everything Changes by Staind

I'll make a real post soon!