Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The History Behind Chaellyboo...

Some may have noticed that chaellyboo is the link to this site. What is chaellyboo? Is it vulgar french slang? I hope not. Is it the name of my third boob? no, but if I had a third, I might name it that. Well first off I should say that my mom is just a little (but still note-worthy) crazy. Chaellyboo was one of the many nicknames that she gave me in hopes of one day securing myself a comfy chez lounge in a therapists' office.

My name is Michaela and often as a young chicklet I was dubbed Chaelly. Somewhere along the way my mom added the boo. And so it became official, everyone called me Chaellyboo. It was between chaellyboo or . Be thankful!

Not all that interesting, but I thought you may like to know for later purposes.

Bite me, always,