Saturday, August 13, 2005


Is it just me or is the whole Gmail invite a harsh reminder of being a dork in elementary school?.. I've been wanting an account, and when I heard that it was finally up and running, I was informed that you must be invited to have an account. Oh really? Well to the numb-nut that decided that, I've got a special invitation for you to... SUCK MY DAD'S NUT!!

It's like in 5th grade where the cool kids were gonna play Red Rover Red Rover...and they decided who you think I even once played Red Rover? Hell no!

Oh well, I got an invitation..hehehe.. y'all can contact me at ...rolls right off the tongue doesn't it?


Danius Maximus said...

its all about who you know I guess. (I got to beta test the thing before it was available to the public, I'm people who knows people :P ) Gotta love the space though

Michaela said...

Oh, it's very roomy indeed.

Anamika Anyone said...

Its not the space for me..I have an account in Rediff which gives me 1GB,but gmail is better in many ways.For one,I keep getting annoying pop-ups when I log on to Rediff.

Hey,Michaela,first time visitor here.That dog looks so cute.Whats his/her name?

Michaela said...

Oscar...Don't be fooled by the cute fluffiness. He's a rabid beast. Unfortunately we didn't name him accordingly.

Thanks for visiting! Come back soon.

g_samsa said...

I got to beta test the thing too. Oddly, the dude who gave me the invite is a yahoo programmer. hmmm?

Well I'm not actually so cool because i don't have any friends to give invites to. Sure, someone gave me one, but how dorky to you have to be to not have anybody to give them too? Pretty damn dorky is the answere.

Anonymous said...