Monday, August 15, 2005

Gay? Not Gay?

Okay so in regards to my dog being a flamming homo...we talked about it (over coffee, of course), and he says it's because the dog was loud, had a gimp leg, and she had 2 different colored eyes. And when it comes right down to it...I don't like men with gimp legs either...sure as hell don't want to hump them. And I'm torn on the multiple colored eyes. If Oscar's anything like me he already has a hard enough time concentrating on the eye area during conversation...and that's with 2 eyes...same color.

My eyes wonder during conversation...I'll be listening to someone talk to me, and my eyes will go from their eyes, to their forehead, then nose, then mouth, then ears...ect. I'm currently taking medication in hopes of rectifying the problem...but the prognosis isn't very promising.

Back to the sexual preference issue with my DOG. Who gives a poop in a half what he likes. Hell, I've seen him look at the squirrels in an odd way.
Plus he did say to the words of Jack McFarland "I took an oath in front of God and my mother...I'm here, I'm queer...get used to it".

Note: Anyone that is offended by any comments I have made in this post should just deal with it because it's my blog. But really, I love EVERYONE. So cheer up mates!


Danius Maximus said...

that is true, we are talking about a creature who sniffs ass for a living so sexual preferance seems kind of moot

Anamika Anyone said...

That guy...He's in Will&Grace,isn't he?..Its been a long time since I've switched on a television(blame it on broadband)
Whats his name?

Michaela said...

On the show it's Jack McFarland. The actors name is Sean Hayes.

somebody said...