Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Google is my savior

You want to know what is really sad? I rely on Google. I use it as my main search engine, but it means so much more to me than that. I really do have a problem. I've gotten into the habit of googling any questions I might have in hopes of finding an answer, then when found, I assume even the most rediculous and unreasonable answers are the truth only because I googled it and is always right.

Case and Point, earlier this summer I got a really bad sun-burn that I decided aloe vera gel was just not going to cut it. Googled the situation and found tons of 'cures' for sun burns. I found remedies such as the normal aloe vera, apple cidar vinegar...then I found some new ones...milk, butter, mayo, pretty much any type of vinegar...and a really strange one; bread. Unfortunately I didn't take into consideration that most of those were not recommended by a doctor, or specialist,but just some nobody.

(I ended up just using apple cidar vinegar only because smothering mayo all over my body just isn't my cup of tea... and butter is really expensive).

And since when did google become an official verb in the dictionary?

From :

Main Entry: google1
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: to search for information about a specific person through the Google search engine
Example: She googled her high school boyfriends.
Etymology: trademark Google
Usage: googling n

I remember way back when, when I was a fan of the Lycos search engine. I think the whole Scottish themed commercial was what did it for me. But once I hit high school, it was like totally cooler to do google, and well I do just about anything to be in the 'in-crowd'.

Careful, I recken them Google masterminds are tryin' to brainwash us...They're gonna take over the world..