Thursday, August 04, 2005

A lesson well learned...

I constantly find myself fixated to the show Animal Cops on the Animal Planet. It really does break my heart to see animals have to suffer with some of the shit humans put them through. Although, I do find it to be an opportunity to teach my dog the many reasons why it pays to behave.

I know they say that dogs can't understand objects on the television, but I've caught Oscar staring down the ass of the big white female poodles on the Eukenuba dog show...oh yeah, he knows what he's seeing. So I know that he can see the dogs on the cop show. I always tell him that 'he could have ended up with that crack whore with the 200 cats and 30 toy dogs living in their own fecies...but no, he got lucky and ended up with the one lady that if left with the option, would easily let her daughter starve over him...lucky little grateful...

I guess I can't get to pissed at some of the shit he pulls. When he was about a year old, and he phased out of the it-doesn't-matter-what-you-do-cuz-you're-still-so-cute stage I found it humorous to tease him. Don't send me hate mail, because I don't really do it anymore, but either way he thinks of it all as a game.

Today I bought my mom a car window sticker that says "I *heart* My Lhasa Apso" and in the middle is the profile of a lhasa apso. So now, just in case my mom wasn't clear enough with everyone about how much she loves Oscar , she let every damn passing vehicle know it too. It's like the overly proud soccer mom that had the white soccer ball sticker on the driver (left) rear end window. For the kids that weren't athletic, you hated those moms, but you were secretly jealous...because the only symbol of pride your mother could paste on to her pontiac sedan was a 'couch' or a 'bowl of popcorn'. I really hope that wasn't just me, because if so, then I take it all back.

I love you Oscar