Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Random Thoughts
-Why do weathermen always forecast snow during the P.M. drive home?
-I once worked with a lady that believed that any time a big red truck drove by it was the local news man; Jon Knicely coming to pick her up and pimp her out to the children and Methodis Childrens Hospital. Is it wrong that everytime I see him relaying the top news stories of the day, I am gently reminded of him bogusly pimping out Rosita at the children's hospital?
-Anytime you have the words 'pimp', 'children', and 'hospital' in a single know it can't be good!
-Prank calls serve an important purpose. They help get people's heads out of their own asses!
-Drinking wine out of a purple plastic cup (which has a duplicate that we use to gargle water after cleaning the teeth) is not very classy.
-I think I have ESP...its really spooky. I was wondering yesterday when Jack White (white strips) and his strange looking wife were going to give birth to their child. It turns out that today was the announcement that they were pregnant.
-I think I want to be a nurse. I always wanted to go to med school, but I constantly doubt myself. Nursing seems like a path worth taking. It just so happens that Wonder Woman is going into the same career. GO YOU WW!!
Nighty night night!


Crystal said...

It always starts to rain here exactly at 4:45pm - right before drive home time. Damn those rain clouds.

FRITZ said...

You crack my ass up. Well, more than it's already cracked. Double cracked, now, thanks to your wine drinking methodology. Hilarious.

You would be an excellent nurse, because you are smart, empathetic, and capable.

I urge you to look at Creighton. URGE. Lots of my friends were in the nursing program. It's rigorous, but worth the effort. Nurses are in MUCH needed demand, plus Creighton churns out some of the best practitioners in the field. Don't doubt yourself. Anyone willing to drive through a snowstorm at five AM to get to work has the diligence and work ethic to succeed in nursing.

Michaela said...

Fritz you're the voice in my head that makes me contemplate the difficult choices in my life...

Thank You.

Rowan said...

i wonder about the esp thing too, i just had a dose of deja vous today re: wallpaper, cookies, a car ride and huh? i knew a week before my mom died that jsomething was about to happen -- my mom and I had the exact same dream.

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