Sunday, November 06, 2005

Hello kiddies, it's been awhile since we last mingled...Well if you call a week a 'while' as I certainly do. I apologize for the absense, but I started my new job a couple of weeks ago, and I'm really friggin tired when I get home. I have however, missed you like you wouldn't believe!

The job is going well, like I said I'm just tired. I have to wake up Tues-Fri at 4:15am which needless to say I am not used to. I also worked the late shift last night which will be a weekly thing, and then I helped out at another store on Friday night b/c they were short handed. Many of you may be thinking, "shit woman, 35 hours a week and you think you're dead tired now? Try working 50 or 60 hours a week then tell me how 35 hours felt" or something along those lines. Keep in mind that I have not worked a stand-up job in about 6 months, so my body just has to get used to it again.

Friday night when I got home, my feet were KILLING me! They hurt soo bad, I just wanted to cut them off. Do you ever stand on your feet so long that when you finally relax, you just want to kneed them like bread dough? Well that's how mine felt on Friday. Friday was a particularly long day though. I worked 6am-noon and then again from 3pm-10pm...So that was a pretty long day with only 2 lunch breaks back-to-back inbetween.BLAAHHHG!

The store that I work at is open 24 hours and the over-night shift is covered by one person. Well on Thursday nights it's covered by this really tall, kid who for the sake of his own protection we'll call, Ned. So I got to work Friday morning and Ned was finishing up putting the order away when somehow him and another employee got to talking about Santa. They got on the topic of when each one stopped believing in Santa and Ned says to us, "I never believed in Santa because my mom never told me he was real". We were like, huh? Then he said, "Yeah, my mom doesn't believe in lying to children"... After he said it I was alittle sad for him, but not at all wierded out by it, until he made his next comment. "Yeah, and I used to work at a daycare, and I told all the kids that Santa wasn't real...they didn't beleive me at first, but I told them my mom told me straight up, he's fake".

Now that I've officially introduced the topic of Santa, I'd like to state for the record that the holidays are just around the corner and that means that lists of all kinds need to be made. And in the honor of Dane and his Christmas Needs List, I too will offer insight as to what I would like for the holiday season...Just incase the big man in the red suit is a blogger himself.

You Gotta Have Friends:

That's right, I'm a proud fan of mid 90's television phenomenon, that follows the lives, loves, and laughs of six young friends living in Manhattan. I already have complete Seasons 1,2,5,and 7, the best of collections vol.1-4, and for some unknown reason I have 2 copies of the best of season 4 dvd. I would love any of the following : Seasons 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, or 10


FRITZ said...

Duly noted.

However, am broke. Can't promise much.

Ned is an asshole. Why did they let him work with kids?

It's kinda funny, though.

Michaela said...

Ned is a man of many wonders...some of which I will make it my duty to understand.

Hoodia said...

Help me Dude, I think I'm lost..... I was searching for Elvis and somehow ended up in your blog, but you know I'm sure I saw him in a car lot yesterday, which is really strange because the last time I saw him was in the supermarket. No honest really, he was right there in front of me, next to the steaks singing "Love me Tender". He said to me (his lip was only slightly curled) "Boy, you need to get yourself a San Diego cosmetic surgery doctor ,to fit into those blue suede shoes of yours. But Elvis said in the Ghetto nobody can afford a San Diego plastic surgery doctor. Dude I'm All Shook Up said Elvis. I think I'll have me another cheeseburger. Then I'm gonna go round and see Michael Jackson and we're gonna watch a waaaay cool make-over show featuring some Tijuana dentists on the TV in the back of my Hummer. And then he just walked out of the supermarket singing. . . "You give me love and consolation,
You give me strength to carry on " Strange day or what? :-)

Ms. Adventures said...

hmm ok. BTW #1 this commentor above me has GOT to be a spammer! and #2 while we're putting our lists out there, I love Sex and the City!

Glad you're working full time! It'll be nice to have the extra cash, help mom out, etc....

Crystal said...

Damn spammer using Elvis to spread his ugly word! >:(

I did miss you!! I don't think I could work a stand-up job again. I remember when I waitressed - after a double shift my knees would be killing me.

Hmm...I have wishlists everywhere (,, maybe I should link those on my blog
scratching chin

Harry Yak said...

elvis name in vain so wrong.

how did you skip those seasons? well anyway i don't have a ton of cash but in the spirit of giving maybe i could send you season 6 of the mexican spin-off hit "amigos"? you interested?

Crystal said...

lol @ yak

Anonymous said...

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