Tuesday, November 15, 2005

2 Posts Today...YAY
Well for anyone NOT in the midwest region, we're having a very wet/windy snow storm. It sucks BIG TIME! The wind has already topped out at 40 MPH. Well I was at my mom's work trying to help one of her employee's change gas prices outside. There are 4 signs at her location, and they're about 30 ft up in the air. You have to use a big pole like tool to move numbers around... And dawgonnit, we couldn't fucking change the numbers! The sign was icy and the suction part of the tool was wet...making it impossible.
Well while doing this, the local news station pulls up and starts video taping me and Chris laughing and yelling explitives at this sign, I contemplated giving them a friendly finger of sorts, but waved to them instead. Then they left. They just left! Without asking for my name...number...measurements!?!?! Nadda..Nothin' ! I was a bit confused for a short time, because I was under the impression that you must get permission from people before you put them on camera or at least ask them who they're wearing....neither of which they did. Well it turns out they asked my mother... So if all goes as planned, I may be on the local news tonight! AWOOHOO!