Sunday, November 13, 2005

Public Service Announcement
Today me and my mother went to Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM) for a gas stove. We decided that to fit in with our budget better and still get the one we wanted, we'd apply for the instore credit card. This allows you to pay what you want on it, we of course will pay it off as soon as possible, but it's a bit of a comfort to know that we don't have to pay it all at once.
My moms credit is pretty good, well good enough to be able to buy a house (not sure if that says a whole lot). My parents are divorced, and about 10 years ago my dad ruined my moms credit purely on 3 things: laziness and gambling and stupidity. Luckily my mother is a genius with her brilliant street smarts and has done a remarkable job building her credit to where it is today. She was however a blob of nerves and stress while waiting the whole 10 minutes to see if she was approved for a card.
This was the process, and quite strange it was to me. We picked out the stove we wanted and with the help of a tall, burly, raspy-voiced man named Bill who seemed to have a bad case of indegestion...(that or he was constantly yawning with his mouth money is on the indegestion) we were able to order it and set up a day for delivery. As far as payment options went, we could pay for it all up front, or apply for a NFM credit card and only pay a minimum of $30 a month. Burly bill innocently (though very convincingly) put the fear of God in my mother when he told us that we have to wait 15-20 minutes in a seating area for the results of our credit check. Life changing shit right there people! As if my mother was a dead-beat man waiting on the results of a paternity test...
So we get to the little booth where they input her info and send it to the credit check office...probably like 10 stories below ground level in a heavily guarded room to protect the creditors from angry declined customers. They have us take a seat in this small area and wait for our name and results to be called. The seating area is literally in the middle of the busiest part of the store and my mom is ready to pee her pants in fear of them broadcasting over the intercom that she has been declined for a credit card. The fun I had with her during those terrifying 14 minutes...I'll remember it for weeks..maybe even months.
Conclusion to this story is that she was approved and we ended up with a new gas stove which will be hear between 5pm-9pm on Wednesday..YAY!
Random Thought: Highschool football mom's scare the BAJESUS out of me!
My life is pretty boring right now...I've decided to make an amazon wish list, but it'll take some time.

Kisses! Who's you're blogga'?


Was_Steph_Here said...

Hey Chaelly! 1 week and I'll be back in Nebraska... Stop posting stuff you want, makes me realize that I should of waited before buying your present a month ago.

Michaela said...

Awww Stephy!! I'll love whatever you get me!! I know I will because it's from SanFran!!

I know!!! I'm so excited you're coming home!! I'm letting the whole city know that you're a commin'!

Anonymous said...

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FRITZ said...

I bought all of my furniture for my first apartment at Nebraska Furniture Mart. It's kinda scary there, don't you think?

And what is up with that credit wait thingy? We just went through that at Circuit City, but luckily, we had a Playstation to distract ourselves with, so that made it easier. Your poor mom. Don't let NFM hassle her.

Michaela said...

lol..NFM is like a small city, complete with idiots who can't steer their cart right. It's gotten out of hand with how big it is. To my mom, the credit check wait experience was right up there with having to wait to find out if you have cancer.

Rowan said...

LOL! I'm like that everytime I go to even USE my credit card!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...