Monday, November 28, 2005

Let It Snow, Oh Let It Snow Dammit
Well I guess I should have seen it coming, we're due to get a few inches of the big white blanket. Right now they're saying that eastern Nebraska is lucky because to the north and west they got "pounded with a monster blizzard", (their words, not mine). I must still be a young school child at heart because when they forecast snow, in my heart I wish for 30 inches so that they'll call off school. Unfortunately unlike school a snow storm will not get me out of having to go to work (and not even if I wear my pj's inside out and backwards) at 5am tomorrow morning. My mom is about to have a nervous breakdown just thinking about me driving in bad weather tomorrow morning.
I just thought I'd let ya know what's "going on in my neck of the woods" (again, their words, not mine). I will now got sleepy sleepy.


Crystal said...

I wish you could send a few inches this way. I'd love to see snow.

Michaela said...

After all was said and done, we didn't even get 2 inches...damn weathermen!

Rowan said...

we had snow but since monday until this friday coming, we're having nothing but rain.

Ms. Adventures said...

Hey there girlie poo! Thought I'd drop a line to say HEY HI HELLO!!

Like Crystal I wouldn't mind some snow either! Talk to you soon!

FRITZ said...

I was born in Chicago and went to school in Omaha...

Ask me, "Fritz, do you miss snow?"
(Ask it in your head, silly, I can't hear you from Georgia...)
The answer:
"Ummm. Not so much!"

Sleep tight, stay warm, be safe and for God's sake, avoid Dodge Street.

Anonymous said...

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