Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Wonder of Midtown

So I woke up early this morning only to be greeted with my car having been broken into. To tell you the truth, I'm not sure I'd classify this as a typical burglary. Why, you may be asking? Well not only did the not take very much, they were very considerate as to not break any glass and closed the door when they were finished.

We just recently moved from West Omaha, to Midtown Omaha, and there is quite certainly an adjustment period. West Omaha, is alot newer (as Omaha grew to the West), and overall alot cleaner. Without being offensive, I'd say there is less crime and less homeless occupancy in West Omaha. Midtown is a much more spicy story. There's so much more flavor to Midtown, with 100 year old homes that have been refurbished into multi-thousand dollar homes, eclectic shopping strips, and alot more homeless people. We have a garage behind our backyard that is accessable through an alley, and as most alley's go, you tend to get some comotion in the last hours of the evening. I've seen a few people pass with their shopping carts, they go thru people's trash and make more noise than I think they realize, but they seem to be very pleasent.

Enter the crack of dawn this morning... I wake up super early to go help my mom at work, and I get in my car (nothing noticable from exterior of car). When I get in I realize that my glove compartment box is open and both sun visors are down completely (This is damning evidence for me!) I'm not all that upset because they didn't take anything from either of those places for lack of valuable stuff in them.

I have a really messy car right now. It's a mix of clothing, old school stuff, and trash.. I know where everything is, it's just built up to a mountain of my shit that is conveniently used as fuel for my mother's fire *wink wink*. The did steal my yellow UNO sweatshirt! I only wore it once, but it meant so much more to me than anyone will ever realize. It's not everyday you stumble upon a yellow and brown themed college sweatshirt for a college who's colors are red and wite...I stood out, and liked it!!

A moment of silence for the sweatshirt.

I'm going back to bed, peace out!


Harry Yak said...

i have seen many cars broken into. i work third shift and many of my co-workers have had problems. i always leave my doors open as to try to avoid the broken glass problem. i just try not to leave anything valuable in my car. i have had my car broken into at least 2 times for a grand loss of $1.73 in change, a can of coke, garter belt i stole from sombody else, and an ice cube tray.

sorry to hear about the loss of your sweatshirt. if you would like a replacement made of yak hair please let me know.

Michaela said...

Yeah, luckily they'd only be cleaning my car out if they stole anything...except my sweatshirt.

No worries, I completely emptied out my car, so if they want to break in again, I'll only be out one very dated air freshener.

Thanks for the offer on the yak hair sweatshirt, but i've got plenty to tide me over for now!!!

FRITZ said...

My car was broken into, too, more like in the Downtown area. Once at my apartment complex, and once while I was at the Run (is that the name of that bar?).

At the Run, my purse was stolen.
At my apartment complex, my two twelve inch subwoofers were stolen.

Turns out, it was an ex.
Fucking Omaha.

FRITZ said...

I wrote a story in your honor. You can read it HERE

bill naka said...

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Ms. Adventures said...

Sorry about your sweatshirt thievery, but I LIKE the NEW look. Cute!

Crystal said...

ooooh. like the new template!

They stole your UNO sweatshirt?! Well, don't feel bad - they must've needed it a lot worse than you.

Michaela said...

Thanks for the compliments on the template!! It took for EVER though!

Ms. Adventures said...

I'm sure! Template HTML can take foreva. Though I was really impressed with the one I got, all I had to do was put my stuff in the spots the designer said to, and voila, it was all coded for me! Woo! Took like 10 minutes.

Michaela said...

Where did you get yours at??

Anonymous said...

That's crazy! I can't beleive they stole your sweatshirt! and they didnt even break anything. At least they didn't break anything, so it didn't cost you a lot of stuff. Where did you get your sweatshirt? Was it something that was close to you that you would take everywhere?

I hadn't had my car broken into yet, but i always keep my doors locked. were your doors locked?

This has to be one of the most interesting blogs I have read all night. I was doing an assignment for english and had to find a blog that i likd to write about, and i picked yours.

thanks for the great story- hope u can find a better sweater
- jacky

Ms. Adventures said...

Michaela I got mine on

ch-ch-check it out!

Was_Steph_Here said...

Poor Chaelly-Boo. That totally rots about your car getting broken into. P.S. I still want that Green Sweater that you've been promising me for like 3 years. Peace out!

Anonymous said...

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