Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dream Analysis Anyone??

Last night I had a weird one of a dream. I dreamt thatI was getting married. Who I was marrying is one big blur, the focus of the whole dream was what the bride (me!) and my bridal party wore. Disclaimer: If you easily get nausious at the thought of overly bright colors and patterns, then please, for your own safety, do not read further.

I had on a very princess-like gown, but insisted on a big fat red ribbon to be tied around my waist and tied in a huge bow on my ASS! Then, so as not to leave the big ass bow lonely, I had a similar situation placed on my head! Like a little school girl. Many of you may be thinking...'Oh that's not all that bad, it could be much worse'. Yes, it could be, and ironic you say that, because it gets MUCH MUCH WORSE!!!

I ended up having like 13 bridesmaids, which is silly, because I don't even think I know 13 people that would willingly fill a bridesmaid position for me. Each bridesmaid wore a different color, and the common theme between these colors were NEON! It's really hard for me to describe what these dresses looked like, only because I puke alittle in my mouth everytime I think about it. But what the hell, here it goes. They were a cross between a 1930's flapper dress and a bad country fringe costume with sparkle, lots and lots of sparkle. To top it off, they came with personalized fringed cape's.

To my sister: I promise, I will not make you wear neon flapper fringe at my wedding.

So what the crap could that possibly say about me? The obvious? Dream Michaela has horrible horrible taste!

So what the crap does that say about me??