Sunday, October 30, 2005

I had the wierdest dream last night!
I was inside this huge ship/spaceship/submarine looking thing that was half filled with water. By big, I mean huge! At least the size of a mall if not bigger. In fact, it kind of was set up like a mall in the sense that there were stores or rooms outlining the whole inside of the vessel. Then there was a walkway outside these rooms that also served as a balcony which over-looked to this huge center pool of water. This pool of water was big enough that it was producing waves. The ship was not fancy or furnished in any way like a mall, instead it looked like a submarine and just the metal/steel or whatever they're made of. Very industrial like.
I was among about 1,000 pther people stuck in the water having not a clue where or why we were there. After what seems like hours of struggling to stay above water and trying to figure out what we're doing there the whole top of the vessel opens up. It opened ever so slowly and in the same manner of elevator doors (from the middle and opening out). Once the doors opened they reveal what appears to be the clear starry night sky, but could easily be outerspace as well... Suddenly we hear a mans voice over a very loud intercom system. Seconds later we follow the voice to a huge screen with that very same man speaking..What the hell? The man is Bill Gates! He is standing outside a spray paint shop inside the vessel looking down upon us. He is being video taped and put on big screen so we can all clearly see him.

He has this whole speech planned out, most of which I can't for the life of me remember. Then I suddenly blurt out, "Why the hell are we here, and when will we get to go home? Even with 1,000 people screaming and flailing about through the water, Bill still seems to hear me and replies, "You will all stay here for 508 days, unfortunately for quite a few of you, you will not be going home". "Then where are you taking us?", many asked in return . Rich bastard just smiled and let out an evil cackle.
Later on Bill returned to give us the run down on our food supply. He informed us that we would only be allowed to eat canned spaghetti and to make thinks even more interesting- every day 1 can that gets handed out will be laced with a lethal dose of poison. Now that pissed me off!
At that point I was able to get out of the water and scale the balcony, where I found my childhood friend Lisa who was balled up in the fetal position. I sat down next to her and retorically asked, "can you fucking believe this shit?" She then went on to tell my that her parents had sent her off to something similar to this a few years back, only they didn't know it was like this. They thought it was a camp that taught kids how to build their own business empire. She said that the 'evil dictator' at that 'camp' was no other than Oprah! Lisa said that it was just like this only Dr. Phil made MANY visits.
After hearing that, I was ready to over throw this whole thing, when I WOKE UP!
That was by far the craziest dream I have had in a long while!! I will be very suspicious of Bill Gates and Oprah for quite some time.
Anyone had any strange dreams lately? Let me know! Or if you know how to analyze dreams, I'd would just LOVE to hear what the hell this one meant...


Crystal said...

that is truly weird.

Harry Yak said...

that is freaky. oh if that canned food thing evere happens i would suggest everybody put their cans together and mix them all up real good like. that should dilute the posion so you only get the runs.

Michaela said...

Harry are a man with a plan!

Anamika Anyone said...

Wow! Such a weird dream!You sure do live vicariously when you sleep..
This is totally beside the topic,but you ought to know...I'm back!
missed you..

Michaela said...

Hey! How are you? I missed you too!

Anonymous said...

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