Saturday, October 15, 2005

What do ya know...bored AGAIN!!

Another lonesome night all by thee self!! You'd think after so many boring nights I'd get used to it, but's the same thing every time! I'm currently drinking a tequila and lime juice while I listen to some easy tunes. I'm switching it up between Iron and Wine, The Fray, Grey's Anatomy Soundtrack, and last but certainly not least...Death Cab for Cutie.

My day was not much more thrilling than this evening. I had my 7 hour art class, but got out really early due to blissfully wonderful weather. When I got home from that, I sat down and flipped channels for a while. I stumbled across something funny that I thought you'd all like to hear. On E! they had some kind of True Hollywood Story on Miss America pagents, and the only thing I heard was this real bitch of a lady say "You don't see ugly women competing now do you? An ugly woman will not win, sorry ladies but that's the cold hard truth". At that moment I really felt like telling her where she could put her crown...

My older sister stopped by today. I don't want to use the word 'hate' but I sincerely dislike my sister. She is the purest form of evil there is! The sad part is that after we moved a couple of months ago, we went from being about 20 minutes away from her, to literally being 3 minutes from her! That is NOT good news! Someday I'll post the long dramatic Dynasty-like reason for why I'm not close to her, but I have a slight buzz and I don't want to spoil that!

Before I go, just a few things I'd like to say to the people who's blogs I read daily:

Dane: What the hell is with the suspense on this big 'Post'? I'm expecting something big my fellow blogger! Big.Huge.!

Fritz: Let me know if you need any tips on accomplishing EM. II. I'd be more than happy to come up with a few tactics for ya!! (I'm thinking LARGE scale profanity and nudity!).

Crystal: I have a good feeling I will think of you the next time I go to KMart or Walmart!! I'll definately stop by bedding to see the deals!

BOBI: Happy Birthday man! Go out and party! But don't drive or type while intoxicated...I mean it! If I find out you were typing under the influence...there WILL be hell to pay!!

Ashley: I'm jealous that you're so smart AND that you take Sociology online! Congrats on the 98!

Good Night people!!


Snake in Fall said...

Nice blog, but it is quiet here. Welcome to mine:

Have a good day!

Harry Yak said...

spam beat me to the comments

ok your new format is kinda funky on my comp but i can deal. i don't get the same urges to stop by mcdonalds for mccheese-its anymore.

im not understanding about what you are saying to fritz but i'm all for nudity. so if your help is going to get somebody naked then god bless you.

Lydia said...

My baby sister...the alcoholic. Watch it with the tequila and lime juice stud you don't want to pass out on the living room floor! Love you.

Lydia said...

My baby sister...the alcoholic. Watch it with the tequila and lime juice stud you don't want to pass out on the living room floor! Love you.

Michaela said...

Were takin' on the state of naked foul-mouthed body at a time!

Ms. Adventures said...

Michaela! C'mon you're smart too! I was just lucky enough to choose to do it online THANK GOD!

Crystal said...

I would pay good money to see you shove that crown up that woman.

Sorry you and your sis aren't tight. I have a hard time imagining that because I'm uberly close to mine (well, except Josh, but you know there's always a black sheep).

I broke out of my Saturday night wine-drinking habit (see my blog for more details). I'm quite proud of myself.

Anonymous said...

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