Saturday, October 01, 2005

What did you do today?

Today I had my 7 hour art class, though I actually enjoyed it this week. Rather then meeting at the Elkorn campus and sitting in a room for the better part of the day, we met at Jocelyn Art Museum and screened the premiere of Art:21. Art:21 is a documentary of sorts on contemporary artists all over the place. The 4 artists featured were Cai Guo-Qiang, Laylah Ali, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Ida Applebroog. Never heard of them? Yeah, neither had I!!

I'm partial to contemporary art...I like it when the art actually has content on the artists behalf, not when it's a dot and a squiggly line and the artist says it's the viewers opinion what to depict from it...In fact I hate that!

The theme of the episode was Power. How different artists depict power in their artistic views. Cai Guo-Qiang did a number of different things. He produced art with gun powder. It was strange, but still very interesting, almost like performing art in the sense that you want to be there for the making of it. He sprinkles gun powder on canvas then blows it up, the end product is very interesting. He also liked the idea of things in slow motion. The beauty of a car flipping in the air 3 times in slow motion. He actually had an exhibit of this! It was amazing!

This is the car flipping in the air! Cool, huh?

Laylah Ali is a 2-D artist that I didn't really find all that interesting. The only thing I got out of her part in the documentary was that she is an anal-retentive crazy lady!

Krzysztof Wodiczko does large scale slide and video projections. Mostly focusing on political or controversial topics in society. Included are terrorism, rape, murder... His art often serves as monuments for different causes.

Ida Applebroog is just awesome! I don't even know how to explain her art. She doesn't even consider it art, and some of it I wouldn't either. She is definately a feminist in her art and in life. She does drawings that literally look like a 6 year old drew, and then sculptures that are sloppily formed bodies with giant vaginas! Vagina's seem to play a big part in her art. I kept seeing them everywhere. Hopefully I wasn't just imagining them, b/c you know you're in trouble when you're hallucinating vagina's!

Overall I thought they were all very interesting.

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Harry Yak said...

art is such a wonderful thing. i really enjoy reading about you art classes, even when you are saying how much you don't like it. you make me want to go out and enroll right now!

Michaela said...

It's starting to grow on me....

FRITZ said...

Jocelyn was a surprisingly well-appointed museum for a smallish town of Omaha.

I went there quite often, as it was just a stretch from campus.

I try to keep myself open to contemporary art, but sometimes have issues. I warmed to your anal-retentive crazy lady immediately, but am not so found of the giant vagina lady, even though I am a feminist. I think it is awesome that you are cultivating these views, however, and hope you keep an open mind about everything you come across.

Hey, is that gay club still down there? What was it called? Shoot. Um...I want to say the Run, but that's not it. It's like...right downtown, around the Hay Market area. Anyway, it's got a big rainbow flag in the window. I would go there like EVERY Friday night because it was honestly the BEST DANCING AVAILABLE. Good times.

Michaela said...

The Max...At least that's one of them, cuz my sister and her gay friend go all the time.

FRITZ said...

See, I don't think it was the Max, because the Max was all trying to be New York-ish or something, like kinda swanky? Nah. This other place is a real dive. Gay porno plays all the time. Maybe it closed, I don't know.

God, I miss Omaha sometimes.

Anonymous said...

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