Friday, October 14, 2005

Bored...On A Friday!!!!

It's 7pm here in Omaha. It's Friday night, and as usual I'm deciding what boring movie I should watch tonight. My brain is weighing the options between Two Weeks Notice, Friends Season 5, or Seinfeld Season 2...The decisions my mind is forced to make. Life or death people, really!!

There doesn't seem to be a whole lot on tonight, except the usually 'TGI Friday' shit. My mom swears by the show Hope & Faith on channel ABC. She also likes that new show on CBS with Jennifer Love Hewitt and that my friends is enough to make me want to eat my own vomit!! I really really dislike Ms. Hewitt and her acting skil...well what she does. I don't like to call her an actress or a singer or a talented anything! The one and only time I happen to be watching The View a couple weeks ago, Jennifer just so happened to be a guest. And my biggest wish was fulfilled! Everyone in the world had the opportunity to realize what an incompetant fool she is and why we should all damn her to manual labor!

In a 3.5 minute time span she went from talking about how she has 2 dead people in her house (in real life people!! Not on her show!!) And how these people were drawing off her energy...blah blah blah. Then to the other side of the nutbag extreme which is how she sent Matt Damon a bed! She claims that she read in the paper that Matt Damon was quoted saying that he was so tired from traveling around the world for work that he didn't even have a bed of his own to sleep in. So she goes ahead and does what most sane people do...She sends him a bed and a card then continues to get annoyed when he doesn't respond. I know it seems like a nice thing, but it's looney like tunes!

I think Law & Order SVU is on...I do love that show. Boy, would I love Detective Stabler to just....eehh eemm. I think we'll just leave that dream alone.

I'm gonna go do something productive.


Was_Steph_Here said...

That's really funny! I hate that chick as well. Who sends Matt Damon a bed and a card? She should be sent away...and never make another public appearance again.

So there!

Was_Steph_Here said...

P.S. I like Kelly Ripa....She named her baby Joaquin! Check out and click on the first clip....regisandkelly. That is probably my most favoritest thing in the WHOLE world!!!

Crystal said...

Aw. I guess I'm the only person who doesn't hate JLH. I wouldn't call myself a fan either but I just don't hate her. I used to love "Kids Inc." when I was little and I loved her on that. I think she seems like a nice person. Sometimes, loonies are very nice. It's the mean loonies that scare me. I did watch her show last night for the first time because my favorite hottie from Serenity was the guest star. MMM Good!

I got a little down last night. I'm 28, no kids and I'm at home on a Friday night. Granted - I had packing to do (moving soon) but still. I felt lonely and sad. I called my husband (he's working in another city) and said, "We're boring. We never DO anything." He said, "I know." So, we agreed to start trying to make ourselves go out at least once a month. And not to the usual dinner & movie - but maybe to a club or a class of some sort. We'll see how it goes.

Michaela said...

I don't hate her, I just can't stomach watching her perform. I guess that came out wrong on my post..Very rare that I hate...because I am all about the love!!

You're right about the mean loonies! Better nice then mean crazy. I guess I'm just a sucker for good acting and I wonder how people without an amazing acting talent can make it in Hollywood for so many years.

You know what they say...30 is the new 20, so technically you're 18...and do you really think you should be spawning children at such an early age?

I'm about as boring as they come! Moving will really take it out of you though. I moved about 2 months ago and I could barely sit up for 2 weeks let alone get out and have a life!!

Best luck to you moving! Are you moving to a new city? Or just relocating within?

Crystal said...

New city. 1.5 hours north of Columbia (SC). You're right - moving sucks.

Michaela said...

Did you get flooding in Columbia?

B.O.B.I. said...

Interestingly enough, Michaela, there's an alpaca store in the Mall of America, not a half hour from my apartment!

Michaela said...

OHHH You lucky man! I assume alpaca's are similar to llamas..they look very similar. There was a llama farm about .5 mile away from my high school. Cute little creatures! The butt of alot of stupid pranks put on by HS boys though.

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