Friday, October 28, 2005

I didn't realize that I went a whole week without posting. That is really strange, I must have been alot more busy than I thought.

I started my new job on Monday. Its convenient store work, which is nice because I have about 2 years of experience in that area. I went way too long without a job for reasons I don't even think I could clearly explain, but now I have one and the money will finally be able to start flowing in. The bank will probably take a double look when they see my account growing...My God its a miracle! She actually has money coming in, somebody take a picture of this, they WILL NEVER believe us!"

I was originally supposed to train all week, but once they figured out that I'm not their typical idiot and that I actually comprehend the job, they moved me to my store. That was 2 days into training...YAY ME! It's all easy stuff, the worst part is that I have to be at my store at 6am Tues-Fri and the commute is about 25 minutes, not to mention that I have to shower and get dressed. Also when winter officially arrives, I have to warm my car up, and the part of town I'm in I can't leave it running unattended. Long story short, I have to wake up WAY TOO FUCKING EARLY!

My sister called from school and asked me what I wanted for Christmas...Well actually she asked if I liked a few different things, I think she was shopping already. She's the bestest seeder a gurl could have! This got me thinking, what the hell am I going to get her? I had not a clue, and when I ask her I get the typical bestest seeder answer "You don't need to get me anything". Then a light bulb went off, I'm so gonna get her a ***********************************************


Have a good night kiddies


FRITZ said...

I'm glad about your job, but those hours kinda suck.
I used to worry about the car warming, too. Then, I just got TOO DAMN SICK of sitting in that Nebraska cold, so I just left it running.
It's you're leaving the house at five-thirty in the AM, I doubt any theives will be out, looking for your car. What street are you on, or is that too personal? I'm trying to get an idea of where you're at.
When will you study, with a job like that?

Michaela said...

Well the Med Center is between Leavenworth and Dodge on 42nd...and I'm 2 blocks North of dodge from there. Have you ever been to the Jocelyn Castle? I'm in that same neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

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