Friday, June 13, 2008


I just got home from the Mai Tai Lounge.

Rule number 1 at the Mai Tai Lounge is a max. limit of 2 Mai Tai's....Oh yeah baby!

Rule number 2 at the Mai Tai Lounge is to abide by rule 1 or else risk making a fool of your drunken self.

My 2 older MUCH wiser sisters are arguing with one another...They are one bitch slap away from flushing their pride down the toilet.

I love that my sister who recently quit smoking, refers to cigarettes as "Satan sticks"....I'm ashamed to say that I wrap my lips around Satan sticks daily...actually it kind of sounds sexy.

It's 8:51pm and I am ready for bed. THAT my friends is the effect that Mai Tai's at the Mai Tai Lounge have on this voluptuous chick!

Good night.