Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I pee alot now.

Aren't you glad that you know that now? I thought you'd like that one.

Anyways, I drink alot of water during the day now, so therefore I pee alot during my day at work. Me and the end stall in the Ladies Restroom have bonded.

When I'm on a toilet I have to redirect my attention from the fact that my ass is touching a seat that MANY other naked asses have touched...So the other day I was looking at the door to the stall and I noticed a company logo on the metal hinge and lock that keeps you private from the rest of the bathroom.

The company is called "Hiny Hiders".

I would give both arms and both legs to work for a company called Hiny Hiders. Could you imagine introducing yourself to people. "Hi my name is Frank, I'm the CEO of Hiny Hiders"...

Good stuff.

I've lost 7 lbs.