Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Some would say I'm just down right lazy, I think I'm resourceful. Let me set the scene for you;

I'm sitting in my office working on some reports and putting together an order for some fancy business cards when I get a horrible itch on my back. Now, I'm a big girl so my limbs are not proportionate with the circumference of my body...(ie. I'm too fat to wrap my arms around myself!) I couldn't reach the itch. I tried rubbing my back along the back of my chair, but with 3 layers of clothing on my body and a chair that's made to be soft and comfy, it did not solve the problem.

Oh, yeah...Once I laid my eyes on those scissors, I knew the solution.

Right as i'm in the middle of relieving my itch...one of my bosses walks by.

It was SO worth it!