Sunday, June 15, 2008


Well I had a completely different day then I expected to have. I did not go shopping for hidden treasures...well not exactly.

My friend Steph won two tickets to the College World Series...RIGHT HERE in Omaha. She invited me and I was so excited to get to go. It ended up being a beautiful hot and sunny Nebraska day. We get there about 10 minutes into the game. We find our seats, our very good seats. They were right behind homeplate, which is almost close enough to pinch the catchers butt.

I'm a big girl, and Steph is the mini me version. We go to sit down, and guess what, it's an EXTREMELY tight fit for my Wide Load of an ass to get into the seat. I felt like all eyes were one me and my ass that wasn't wanting to fit in the stadium seat. I did what I always do when it comes to my weight...I made fun of myself. I joked with Steph throughout the game about how I'd be lucky to be able to get my ass out with out lifting the whole row of connected seats up with me.

We joked all the way home about it. I joked with my mom about it. Then after Steph and my sister left, I snapped at my mom. It was over something silly...probably about the way she was blinking her eyes, I dunno, but I snapped. Then after 10 minutes of her tippy toeing around me in fear of further pissing me off, I apologized for being crabby. I tried to say that I had a fun time but that it ended up being a horrible day. I couldn't get two words out without breaking down in tears. She asked what was wrong and I told her that I think the FINAL string had snapped. I am done with living my life this way. I couldn't even go out to a ball game without feeling ashamed of every inch of my body. She came to my side and let me cry on her shoulder. I was totally expecting her to be her usual self and insert a comment about how I need to lose weight and be thin.

She said nothing. She just let me cry.

Then she finally said something ....she told me that I was perfect.

My mom has just changed my life.

I love you mom.