Monday, June 30, 2008


I'm sitting in my office contemplating going and smoking a cigarette before my conference call at 11:00am.

On Friday afternoon Hell had a party here in Omaha and left a pretty rediculous mess for us to clean up after.

Our neighborhood got hit rather hard by the 70+ mph wind storm. 75 Ft trees ripped right out of the cement like weeds pulled from the garden.

My home was one of the lucky few in the area that did not have any structural damage.

It always amazes me what mother nature can really do. And lately she has been proving herself quite often. Between the floods, tornadoes, earthquakes and such, I have no doubt that she will bitch slap a city of 450,000 without thinking twice.


FRITZ said...

I have missed you!

I hope your hair isn't a total rats' nest after that big Omaha storm.

Man-oh-man, we are all paying for this damage we've done to the earth.

In other news: Great job on the weight loss! I am very proud of you. I'm on the old Weight Watchers again...and hating life...I mean, 1400 calories per day?

Don't people at Gitmo eat better than that?


Anonymous said...