Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'm not sure where I've been the last week or so. My body is just in a very blah state lately. Go figure I notice it only when I realize my lack of visits to my favorite blogs...Maybe I'm just exhausted. I don't feel like I have much humor or interesting tidbits inside my head lately. I'm fun and sassy at work and the very few times I socialize, but other than that, I'm just....blah.

So what IS going thru my noggin' lately?

Should I or shouldn't I buy Oscar more Iam's dog food after the headlines in the news about the poisoned bags of food that killed 37 dogs??

Exactly how many hours before I have to be back at work?

What have I not changed about my daily routine that is leading me back to feeling this way on certain days?

Long or short hair?

My tummy hurts!



Bee said...

I'm tagging you! Tag! Taggity Tag Tag!!!

Michaela said...

Oh my..I feel tingly inside!

Lydia said...

Love you boo! Call me more often!

Crystal said...

WHAT? I feed my dogs Iams! I haven't heard any of this! Can you send me a link of the article?

BTW, I can't get my blog to show up! :(

Michaela said...

Crystal said...

Oh. Okay. I've heard of the Diamond food problem. They have a plant here in my hometown. But that has nothing to do with Iams. Is there a problem with the Iams company too?

Michaela said...

I could have been mistaking, but I swear I heard Iams listed...Now it's constantly on my mind

Anonymous said...