Monday, January 09, 2006


I'm currently drowning my sorrows in peppermint ice cream...Why? Well my work schedule has officially been bumped up to 'royally sucking ass'! I now work a double shift on Tuesday's and only have one day off a week, and it's a fucking weekday...what's the point? Oh well, I guess it could be worse, right?

Nothing much to report from Camp Chaellyboo, just working, sleeping, preparing for school to start up again, rinse, then repeat...Now that the holidays have come and gone, I'm in that winter blah state again. Maybe it really is the weather in Nebraska...only it's actually been quite lovely lately. Perhaps it's just me?..?

Time to clean out picture storage!

This is...something. I believe that I was bumped into while taking a photo of someone or something, and this is what happened...Strangest part? I like it!

This was Oscar during the peak of our wrestling match earlier today...I kicked his ass (not literally) 5-3. Took 45 minutes too! The little mut just threw his puppy gloves off and laid down...he then proceeded to lick his nether-regions...Bet you have a lovely image in your head of that.

Danger is my name when I'm behind the wheel....given my current driving record, I can no longer say that in a teasing manor...Sonofabitch!

This is classic Oscar. When he dies in 2036 I'm gonna have this photo traditionally painted on a huge massive canvas and placed on top of my fireplace. This is the Oscar I unbalanced yet perfect mix of cuteness, confusion, sarcasm, innocence, and the unadulterated need for violence all in one look.


Lydia said...

Have you been checking for my package to come in the mail? Call me fool!!! love ya.

Crystal said...

LOL!! I love that last picture of Oscar and what you wrote about it. I love his tooth sticking out in front of his lips. My LucyLulu's gums get stuck up in a similar fashion.

Anonymous said...