Saturday, January 14, 2006

Random Thoughts

I had a man come into work a few weeks ago and buy extra large condoms and beer. His wife was 8 months pregnant...

My dog seriously has a ritual that he must do before every bite he takes of his food. It's strikingly similar to what I imagine an Indian campfire dance looks like.

My next door neighboor is your typical crazy cat lady. That said, she's a very lovely old lady.

If I was given a nickel for everytime I had a customer make a dumbass 'clever' (so they think) comment about me selling them the winning lottery ticket, I could laugh at them to their face...because I'd be the fucking millionaire!

I just remembered today that when I was little I loved the animated movie The Land Before Time. What a great movie, so sad and funny all in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Even though you can kind of guess how that whole thing goes down...I mean come on, it's kind of obvious, right?

I just witnessed the most amazing sale at Old Navy. I found printed tanks for $1.50, shawls for $2.50, and jeans for $19...I'm feeling very cocky about my bargain shopping skills right now.

I don't like the whole '' idea...If you ask me it's a popularity contest and that's enough shit right there to put me on medication.

My mom would have me knocked off by a professional if I dyed my hair any darker (by darker I bretty much mean black).

I'm considering dying my hair darker next time around.

Did you know that there is a website dedicated to fake facts about Chuck Noris? This is just fucking brilliant!

I'm getting sleepy

I must go have words with my pillows.


Crystal said...

Hee! Good post. I cried the first time I saw The Land Before Time.

Great deal on the tanks. Although I only pay $9.99 for my Levi's at Ross

I don't like myspace either. It's the format I don't like. It's ugly to me and usually people's space is WAY to busy and wide for me. I do have an account though so I can look at my friend's pictures.

I can completely understand where you're coming from regarding the customers joke. When I waitressed at this particular restaraunt the tables had paper on them w/ crayons so people could draw on the table. The wait staff had to write their name upside down & backwards on the table when they introduced themselves. Do you KNOW how many times I heard, "hahahah How long did it take for you to learn how to do that?" *eye roll*

Rowan said...

hahahaha! do you think the guys "really" needed ex-lg? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...