Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Chaellyboo 2.0
I'm back and better than ever! Well, maybe not better than ever, but comfortably fine. I'll tell ya, not blogging for the better part of 2 weeks is much like I imagine not brushing your teeth is for 2 weeks....horribly uncomfortable. I'm putting that one in my 'Analogy Wall of Fame'...I love it!
My Christmas went very well indeed. My sister was a doll and got me lots of nice stuff, even though she shouldn't have! We love her for that..and much more. I also got a digital camera!! AHH I KNOW! If only someone had caught my look of shock on my face the moment I opened it up, it was classic.
Nothing else real exciting happened over the holidays for me. I worked quite a few extra hours at work because of holiday pay.
This was a little something I made for some of you, I know it's late but as they say..."better late than never"! Sorry that it's so damn blurry, but I don't have a working scanner and this is the best my darn camera can muster up!
There's one person I forgot and to that I say..I'm soo sorry, but I don't know what you look like! The only thing I thought to draw was Harry Potter, but decided not to because I thought you may not even know that I meant you!
Here's to a great 2006!


Crystal said...

LOL!! That's awesome! Thanks! What does my shirt say? I can't read it? Who's that beneath me?

Michaela said...

your shirt says 'I heart David'....And that would be BOBI beneath you looking up at his Llhama! I'll scan it one of these days and send a good copy to you

FRITZ said...

OMIGOD! I'm not the only doodler...and WHAT A DOODLER YOU ARE! I love this...what a wonderful new year's gift! I've missed you,too, and have been busy brushing my teeth of late. What talent! What charm! What utter kindliness!

Michaela said...
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Anonymous said...