Thursday, January 12, 2006

HAPPY 100th!!!!

This is my official 100th post on my blog! Break out the damn bubbly and make a toast to the woman of the hour...ME!

I figured since I haven't done them in a while and because it's a special occassion we'll have...yes that's right, Random Thought time!

-As fair warning: if you're around me while I'm eating my diet not refer to the smell as 'dog shit' because I WILL kick your ass over such a comment.
-Just so we're all clear about this....People who drive Lexus' are in NO way superior to the rest of us drivers. So to the lady that cut in front of us at Best Buy then took the spot we were literally pulling into...suck my Mercury Lynx's exhaust pipe!
-Pears keep for a VERY long time in the refrigerator.
-Tom Selick is hot for a 61 year old.
-Letting small children into the Chipotle establishment really does ruin the heavenly burrito atmosphere...anyone else wanna start a petition?