Thursday, May 04, 2006

You Can Do It

I helped out at another store tonight, and it was sooooo slow. The store is closing in a month due to poor sales and now I understand why. I feel sorry for the employees there, because they are shit out of luck. The company is not even offering other positions within the company...yet they feel that the staff should stay until d-day so that the company isn't stuck in a ruck. Now that is corporate bullshit at its best!

It's a funny thing not looking forward to the next day. I mean this not in a depressing way, even though it probably comes out that way. I just haven't been looking forward to the future lately. I've always daydreamed about where I see myself 10-15 years from now, and I always thought that those daydreams would transform into my goals, but lately I haven't dreamt about those "goals-in-training"... Maybe that's Gods way of telling me to stop daydreaming and start doing.

I need to find some!