Thursday, September 22, 2005

Holy Shit

Today was just another day in Omaha. Woke up early today, my mom had the day off so of course I was up earlier than usual. Went to class at 12:30 on the south campus. I'm taking a semester at Metro so that I can try and get some direction in my education.. There are many different campuses in Omaha (and Elkorn) one of them being to South Omaha campus. Being the sheltered spawn that I am, I've never really been acquainted with South Omaha. Not that it's a bad area, just that as my mom says "it's not nearly as safe as West Omaha". Well let me tell you, the crime rate is not what hit me like a WALL! That would be the horrific smell of COW SHIT! Yes, that's right, they chose to plop the South Campus of Metro right in the middle of the friggin Stockyards!

Apparently South Campus Metro is right next to the Meat Packing Co.. Well they get daily...wait make that hourly truck loads of cows (moment of silence for the cows), and when they come, they really come...shit and ALL! The smell is just unbearable, and I'm not talking about your typical driving on the interstate and pass the cute cow pasture...we're talking I'd-rather-stick-my-nose-in-my-dogs-butt-b/c-it's-so-much-better kind of stank! It's a whole new level of stench!!

My sources tell me that they store the cows underground b/c a few years back they stored them aboveground and they passed an ordinence due to the unbearable smell. Okay, I don't even want to think about the possibility of that area smelling any worse!

My crazy neighbor is being crazy again..

I need a digital camera, so I can post my own pictures.