Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Heavenly Comfort

I've dedicated my whole day to waiting for the delivery men to drop off my moms new mattress. It's an ultra blah blah pillowtop blah mattress that is supposed to be borderline heavenly. Well, the look my mom had on her face when she tested it at the store would lead me to believe that it is heavenly. There's only a couple other instances where one would need that kind of get my drift? My brilliant sister decided that it would be the perfect early birthday gift. She also is temporarily picking up the tab until Miss Jobless (that'd be me) gets a job and the moola starts rolling in by the truck loads again.

Did anyone else notice that Buffy is played in sindication on like 9 stations? I think FX was the channel I was watching it on today...Anyhoo I was watching it (the episode where Buffy is resurrected), and I was moved to tears. Then I realized that Buffy was the first and possibly the only show that has crappy acting by C-List actors that could still manage to make me cry...Now that's some good bad acting!!!

When do you think reality television will die??