Friday, September 15, 2006

9-11 and more

I feel like I have nothing to blog about lately. My mind is not retaining anything that happens in my life. My life hasn't been boring or nonexistant, it's just that I'm having serious issues with trying to recall anything. For the most part I have just been working and hanging out with friends. One thing I do want to mention is...

This week does mark the 5th year anniversary of Sept. 11. It is a day that I will always remember where I was, what I was doing, and how I was feeling. When I was younger I remember talking to my mom about how I had learned about the assassination of JFK in school and her recalling where she was when that happened. It always boggeled my mind that 30 some years later and she still remembers what she was wearing when that happened. She always told me that something was bound to happen in my lifetime that would linger in the dark corners of my memory until the day I passed. For me it is 9-11. I was in 10th grade that year. I was in my 2nd period English class being taught by my favorite teacher, Mrs. Kelly. I was in the middle row 3rd desk back when a teacher from across the hall ran into our room and without any hesitation turned on our t.v.. I was so distracted by the building on the screen that was up in flames that I didn't bother to read the scrolling information at the bottom of the screen. My initial reaction was that the building in downtown Omaha was up in flames. And the moment I saw the second plane crash into the second building, I realized that this was not in Omaha, and that this was no ordinary, run of the mill fire. I felt a chill down my spine when I realized that someone did it intentionally. Over 3000 people perished on that one single day.

I will never forget that day. ever.

I'm happy to announce that I'm finally doing more with my social life. I even let loose and saw a movie at the Old Dundee Theatre...We saw Little Miss Sunshine, and holy boats it was good! Definately something I would recommend. I also finally watched the first Lord Of The Rings. It took several nights to watch the whole thing, only because I watched it at night while in bed, and I kept falling asleep. The thing with me and my bed is when we come into contact, the bed always wins. It doesn't even have to sweet talk me, or lure me in with cheap chocolate, I'm always out in 13-14 minutes no matter how many energy drinks I consume. Anyways, I finished it on Wednesday and now I can barely wait to watch the second and third.

So I've been watching Project Runway like a dirty whore and I've decided that it is time to learn how to sew. It's something I've always been amazed by...the fact that you can take a yard of fabric and make it into something of use, is beyond amazing to me. I'd love to try and make myself a dress one of these long as it doesn't come out looking like a moo-moo from the clearance rack at the local department store.

When I have to reference moo-moo's in my blog, I know that means I need to lose weight....I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'!


Anamika Anyone said...

I had just started Pre-university college then..I remember going to college that day with absolutely no idea of what was on the papers(I read newspapers in the evening)and my friends mentioned it to me in an offhand manner..I came to know how serious it was only when I got home..I was glued to the TV that evening..

Nice to see you back!

Crystal said...

Good to hear your review of Little Miss Sunshine. I want to see that! We seem to have very similar taste too. You're like my husband. Where the bed is concerned I mean. He likes for me to read aloud (and I only read in bed). But I barely get a chapter read and he's snoring.

Anamika Anyone said...

Helllloooooooo,anybody home??
I've tagged you,by the way..

Anonymous said...