Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Deer Lord!

Yes, I live in Nebraska. No, I don't live on a farm around lots of animals! I pride myself on the fact that I live in Omaha, a very suburbanized city that keeps getting bigger and bigger. I say this because last night my friend Keegan and I hit a deer! You always hear about it happening on the interstate, and we have signs posted on the sides of any roads that lay up against a large body of wooded acreage, but when it happens to you, the shock of it all is no less.

We were on our merry ole way down a street that gets quite a bit of traffic during the day time hours, though at night it's pretty deserted. Keegan and I had just been rockin' our tiny tushes out to Techno Friday on the local rock station, when we headed on to the road that inhabits possibly the worlds dumbest animal. So Keeg's and I are switching stations and giggling at one anothers failed attempt to boogie. When out of the corner of my right eye I see an animals head highlighted by headlights, and within 5 seconds of that moment we were both screaming. I give huge props to Keegan because he didn't swerve all that much. I have been told by many somewhat credible sources that if you ever 'find' yourself the victim of a brainless creature crossing the road, if at all possible DO NOT swerve to avoid hitting it. My first thought is the reason for this rule is because deer are apparently so dumb they kind of deserve to get hit, therefore kind of deserving to die…I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'! The true reason for it is so that you don't risk involving other cars for the sake of one deer.

Just so we're all clear, I'm fine, Keegan is fine, his car is…well, dented but otherwise okay. At the end of this big mishap we have an endearing (or endeering) story to tell for years to come…Or until we hit a talking/dancing/mind-reading cow while going 60mph, cuz then the deer story will be completely over-shadowed.


Crystal said...

oooh girl! you know you're going to hell for smack talking a poor deer.

i'm glad you're okay!

Rowan said...

I live in a city and we ahve those deer x'ing signs too, my boss hit one once, but I have rarely even seen deer let alone hit one....I'm a city slicker all the way :(

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