Sunday, March 21, 2010

Did that just happen?

Okay, so again I went absent for months with not a shred of decency to stop by and see that people ACTUALLY started reading my inane banter. And yes, actual real people not robots of the dark internet blog world, actual people.

I think I just felt a swift kick in the ass to make this little thing my baby again....

Soo where am I?

Well I fell of the weightloss wagon over the holidays and put on about 20 lbs which put me at around 280 lbs...ermm okay more like 286 but I like to round down! So feeling like shit I finally stepped it into gear about 3 months ago and I'm sitting at 255 lbs as of this morning. Which is a grand total of 106 pounds since January of 2009. Watch out people cuz this is only the beginning, I have alot more to lose and I plan on bitching about sore muscles and gross old people I see at the gym!

Aside from weightloss I am also a culinary student at Metro Community College's Institute for the Culinary Arts here in Omaha, NE. I know, I know....fat girl going to school for food? Are yer CRAZY? Probably but I love to cook and I love to let my creativity and passion flow through food.

This semester marks the beginning of the actual culinary courses which is uber exciting for me! In my Orientation course we have to create a blog and use it as a portal for homework assignments, so this blog will be moonlighting as a sassy culinary review blog. I have to review a book, a few restaurants, document through pictures and instructional blogging a meal that I cook at home, so it should be interesting.

I don't like to get cheesy, but at one point this blog was theraputic for me, it helped me get my feelings out at a really difficult, dark time in my life and somewhere along the way it healed some old wounds and then I nonchalantly pushed it aside for quite sometime. Still, I've never been able to delete it, its a safety blanket in alot of ways for me. Plus I can make fun of stupid people whenever I want!

So, I'm gonna give it another go, and see what pointless verbal diarrhea I can come up with.



Joe said...
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On the Weight Loss Journey said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Best wishes for you on your journey. And, by the way......I am one of those "gross old people". So be kind! :o)

Old Soul said...

hey. I just started blogging. I have to say " where fat girls look good in leggings" true dat! i just came across your blog but I really like what you have to say. Just wanted to let you know!! KEEP GOING!

Anonymous said...


Brittany said...

Ohhhh honey, I have got to follow you! We'll give the whole weight loss thing another go together! :)

Secured Loans said...

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