Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Everyone has something in common...

Since I've been working a ton of hours, I've picked up on something that I find to be really cool. One person comes in and buys a $1.29 pop with 2 $1 bills. I give them their change, and they're on their merry way. Then, the next customer in line, who doesn't know a darn thing about the customer that was just in front of them, buys 3 lottery tickets with a $5 bill. Their change is $2, so they end up getting the last customers money.

Sometimes when I'm having a bad or maybe just boring day at work, I get really into this, and I imagine where those 2 bills will be in a day, a week, or even a month. I'll keep doing it until I confuse myself to the point of insanity!

Then I start to wonder who has touched my money before? Has Tom Cruise ever come into contact with my dollar before? Or maybe a convicted felon doing 15 in San Quentin... All very very possible.

If only paper money could talk, huh?


Lydia said...

Chaelly now you got me thinking... Very intesting! See you this weekend I hope!!!!

Ms. Adventures said...

ha ha- I think about this kind of stuff ALL the time. Glad I"m not the only one.

Rowan said...

just be sure to wash your hands you have any idea how many germs those people have been spreading around with their cash?

Was_Steph_Here said... make my head hurt.
But in a good way...

Lexy said...

hey I just came across your blog, and this post.
There actually is a 'currency tracking website'!
Did you know that?
In Canada we use one called "where's willy?"
You would use
Apparently there are a few other ones, but I believe that one was the first. Check it out. I did it for a while, and then lost interest. You might like it, especially since you said you 'get really into it' and 'confuse yourself to the point of insanity'.
ha.ha. I hope you enjoy.

Anonymous said...